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Using ground water for heating and cooling your home is not new technology, but it has gained popularity with rising fuel prices. Studies by the Environmental Protection Agency have shown that homes utilizing geothermal pumps cut back heating costs by UP TO 70%, quickly SAVING more than the initial costs of pumps themselves. At Hendricks Heating & Air Conditioning, we stress on renewable energy. We conduct heating maintenence any time of the year (service agreement).

The federal government gives you a 30% TAX CREDIT on the installed price of our heat pump system. Find out more at Bard Geothermal Systems.

  • No fuel deliveries required

  • Very little maintenance

  • 10-year WARRANTY  

  • Environmentally friendly (no fossil fuels)

Choosing the right heat pump is the first step, but proper installation is just as critical. The energy efficiency of your heat pump depends greatly on how they are installed. Our team is highly trained to maximize performance of your heat pump through proper placement, sizing, connection and configuration. Call 616-452-6064 for a FREE estimate.

Geothermal pumps cut back heating costs up to 70%

Federal 30% tax credit

Numerous advantages

Maximize system performance with our proper installation

Ask about our service agreement on the water pumps, call us now:



Hendricks Heating & Air Conditioning has been installing quality ground water heat pumps since 1983.

Ground water heat pumps are the most efficient heating and cooling system for your home

Ground water heat pumps